I am currently interested in analytic feminist philosophy and related areas of social epistemology, philosophy of mind, and philosophy of science.

photo by Shane Conrad Kilgallen


Since the spring of 2020, my primary focus has been a collective endeavour called “The Philosophy Exception.” This project is a metaphilosophical investigation into diversity within the discipline. Academic philosophy is historically “demographically challenged” yet there has been much theorizing about why this is and how to intervene. Our website collects and organizes all of this work in one place. We have published our own academic paper on the topic and are working towards building a database to support the categorization of future publications.

We are led and underwritten by Dr. Alison Wylie, Canada Research Chair and Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, and supported by funds from the College of Arts at the University of British Columbia and the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council.

data justice

The data justice project team is part of the UBC Gender+ in Research Collective and the Office of Regional and International Community Engagement (ORICE). As a member of the 5th cohort, we are working to refine and distribute a guide to engaging with data in a way that foregrounds social justice and highlights the political considerations of data-driven processes.

Through my work with The Philosophy Exception, I learned first-hand how little data exists on philosophers while seeing how crude the extant empirical sources are. Considering intersections of gender, class, race, and identity is crucial for data collection processes going forwards and the Community-Based Research & Data Justice Resource builds on existing work to guide researchers toward best practices.


I was inspired to move into Counselling Psychology by the mental health needs of graduate students and my own experience in therapy. My orientation is existentialist and meaning-driven, and my areas of interest are substance abuse and trauma. My personal research concerns epigenetics and the neuroscience of addiction.

I volunteer with the Vigo Lab on the Student e-Mental Health Project, where I am a peer counsellor. I also work on a team within the lab developing our app for the LGBTQIA2S+ sub-population.